Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Flying troops that deals area damage. Baby dragons hatch cute, hungry, and ready for a barbecue


Cost 4/10
Epic Troop

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Best attack combo for Baby Dragon clash royale


Baby Dragon step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. Lure opponent barbarian or ground troop to fight on your arena.
  2. Use freeze spell to freeze the enemy near your crown tower.
  3. Use Baby dragon splash damage to weaken the enemy and let the tower crown destoy the enemy.
  4. Start counter push by adding giant near the bridge in front of baby dragon.

Is Baby Dragon good card clash royale?

Baby dragon is a worth card for its splash damage but it is not a good card for offence. You can use baby dragon along with tanker to add more push to your attack. Baby dragon is effective to support high tank unit such as giant and skeleton giant. You can use baby dragon with goblin spear combo to attack the crown tower. The tower will attack the baby dragon which have high hp while the fast goblin spear do the damage.

Baby Dragon clash royale tips and trick

You can use baby dragon for splash damage againts archers. You can use baby dragon splash damage to kill the barbarian. Baby dragon is better than wizard in splash damage.

How to counter Baby Dragon in clash royale?

The best way to counter baby dragon is by using musketeer firepower .
Hit Speed 1.8
Movement Fast
Deploy Time 1 second
Count x1
Cost 4 Elixar
Life Time
Target Air and Ground

Baby Dragon Statistic

Baby Dragon Level
LevelHitpointsDamageDamage per second

Best Deck and strategy for Baby Dragon to help you push from Arena 1 to Arena 3

Best Pair for Baby Dragon in clash royale


Baby Dragon attacking pair.

  1. Baby Dragon and Graveyard is a weird pair.
  2. Its works because of surprise element.
  3. Use graveyard with baby dragon early in the games.