Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

This big dude digs the simple things in life - Dark Elixir drinks and throwing rocks. His massive boulders bounce off their target, landing behind for a double strike!


Cost 5/10
Epic Troop

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Best attack combo for Bowler clash royale


Bowler step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. The idea is to use bowler as a support troop for giant.
  2. Start with giant at the back of your crown tower.
  3. Support the giant with Bowler.
  4. Put minion behind the giant for air support.
  5. If you have a miner sent it for extra damage .

Is Bowler good card clash royale?

Bowler is a good card after balance update with just 5 elixar. You need to level up before it is useful. It is splash damage is good just like a wizard with better attack range. Bowler is a good card if you love slow and snowball big push for a winning condition. It is also extremely effective against Hut Decks. Bowler is worth it if you upgrade the card. Bowler level 1 is pretty weak and useless especially with high level player. You need to put bowler at the right time and at the right place to make it worth. For example, always put bolwer in front of opponent tanker to attack the tanker and the support troop at the same times.

Bowler clash royale tips and trick

Bowler is a good splash damage. You should put bowler behind tanker such as giant or royal giant. Bowler can push the enemy back behind. When you opponent launch a big push, it is a good idea to use bowler to destroy the backup troop behind tanker.

How to counter Bowler in clash royale?

Bowler is a medium HP card with a good damage. Bowler can't attack air unit so you can counter bowler with any air unit such as minion or minion horde.
Hit Speed 2.5 sec
Movement Slow
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 5 Elixar
Life Time 1 sec
Target Ground

Bowler Statistic

Bowler Level


Area Damage

Damage Per Second

1 1,200 180 72
2 1,320 198 79
3 1,452 217 86
4 1,596 239 95
5 1,752 262 104
6 1,920 288 115
7 2,112 316 126
8 2,316 347 138

Best Deck and strategy for Bowler to help you push from Arena 7 to Arena 8

Best Pair for Bowler in clash royale


Bowler attacking pair.

  1. Bowler and Goblin Barrel is a weird pair.
  2. Its really world as bowler will help to destroy ground unit effectively.
  3. You should have some damage from from Goblin Barrel.