Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Duplicates all friendly troops in the target area. Cloned troops are fragile, but pack the same punch as the original! Doesn't affect buildings.


Cost 3/10
Epic Spell

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Best attack combo for Clone clash royale


Clone step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. Start with Lava Hound.
  2. Support lava hound with Balloon.
  3. Use clone for maximum damage.

Is Clone good card clash royale?

Clone spell is a good card because its can duplicate troop unit with exact stats within its radius. It is a good idea to use clone spell for the supporting unit behind the tanker.

Clone clash royale tips and trick

It is a good idea to clone Elite Barbarian and Electro Wizard for maxmimum damage. Always put Electro Wizard behind the tanker.

How to counter Clone in clash royale?

You can use zap or the log to counter the duplicate 1HP troop unit.
Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 3 Elixar
Radius 3
Life Time
Target Spell

Clone Statistic

Clone Level

Cloned CommonLevel
Cloned Rare Level
Cloned Epic Level
Cloned LegendaryLevel
1 6 4 1 1
2 7 5 2 1
3 8 6 3 1
4 9 7 4 1
5 10 8 5 2
6 11 9 6 3
7 12 10 7 4
8 13 11 8 5

Best Deck and strategy for Clone to help you push from

Best Pair for Clone in clash royale


Clone attacking pair.

  1. Clone and Lava Hound is a dangerous pair.
  2. You can Clone the Lava Hound for maximum damage.