Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Runs fast, shoots far and chews gum. How does he blow darts with a mouth full of gum? Years of didgeridoo lessons.


Cost 3/10
Rare Troop

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Best attack combo for Dart Goblin clash royale


Dart Goblin step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. This is hog rider cycle deck.
  2. Let your opponent start the attack.
  3. Place cannon as a defend in the middle of your arena.
  4. Put Goblin Dart to protect your cannon.
  5. Your goblin Dart will survive and push counter attack with Hog Rider.
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Is Dart Goblin good card clash royale?

Dart Goblin is a good card to take down small swarm unit such as skeleton army. Dart Goblin go straight to tower and do the damage. Its has a good range and similar to royal giant and good againts defend tower. Its is a good replacement for musketeer. Its also dont die from the zap. Its also cau be use to counter skeleton army and graveyard. You can also pair it with ice golem to give good advantage to counter elite barbarians or any other troops. It is a good defend and very good cycle deck with ice spirit combo. Its also can kill mega minions from distance. Its also a good defend againts lava hound. Its also can counter ballon from the distance. Its also a good idea to pair it wih ice spirit to counter ballon so that its dont die from the ballon explosion. It is a good defend and it is a good idea to put dart goblin in the middle of your tower. It can be also to counter minions if you dont have arrow but its not very effective. You can use it to counter furnace as it will attack it from the distance. Its also pair very well with the hog rider. Dart Goblin is a good card to out range defensive building such as cannon and Inferno Tower.

Dart Goblin clash royale tips and trick

Dart goblin can be put behind tanker such as giant, knight or ice golem. The tanker will take all the damage and the Dart Goblin can quickly take down the tower.

How to counter Dart Goblin in clash royale?

You can use arrow, zap or fireball to counter dart goblin. The best counter is the Log or archers. You can get positive elixir trade if you use ice spirit with the help your crown tower.
Hit Speed 0.7 sec
Movement very fast
Deploy Time 1 sec
Cost 3 Elixar
Life Time
Target Air and Ground

Dart Goblin Statistic

Dart Goblin Level



Damage per second

1 123 53 75
2 135 58 82
3 148 64 91
4 163 70 100
5 179 77 110
6 196 84 120
7 216 93 132
8 237 102 145
9 260 112 160
10 286 123 175
11 314 135 192

Best Deck and strategy for Dart Goblin to help you push from

Best Pair for Dart Goblin in clash royale


Dart Goblin attacking pair.

  1. Dart Goblin will protect the cannon and you can launch the counter attack.