Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir.


Cost 6/10
Rare Building

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Best attack combo for Elixir Collector clash royale


Elixir Collector step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. Giant Poision with elixir collector is among the annoying attack combo in clash royale.
  2. Start with at least one elixir collector.
  3. Put giant behind your crown tower.
  4. When the giant reach bridge the opponent will usually use barbarian or minion horde to counter the giant.
  5. Put the poision spell to weaken and slow down the enemy troop.
  6. Support the giant with mega minions .
  7. It is a also a good idea to support with prince or mini pekka at the back.
  8. Giant and poision spell should do maximum damage to the enemy crown tower .

Is Elixir Collector good card clash royale?

Elixir Collector give use elixar advantage over the times. Use it properly to win the games as the time progress. You can use elixar collector to give you elixar advantage. Elixir Collector give you two elixar advantage over its life time. It is an idea card to put if you have max elixar.

Elixir Collector clash royale tips and trick

You can use Elixir Collector so that you can place your troop quicker. You can combine Elixir Collector with high-cost Cards on their Deck (Such as P.E.K.K.A, Golem,Ice Wizard?). You can also use the Elixir Collector in the middle of your area to distract enemy troop. It is a good idea to use the Mirror spell to double the Elixir Collectors and. It is weak againts Fireball, Lightning, Rocket.

How to counter Elixir Collector in clash royale?

The best way to counter elixar collector is to rocket or fireball it.
Hit Speed
Movement Static
Deploy Time 1 sec
Count x1
Cost 6 Elixar
Life Time 1 min
Target No Target

Elixir Collector Statistic

Elixir Collector Level

Best Deck and strategy for Elixir Collector to help you push from Arena 6 to Arena Legendary

Best Pair for Elixir Collector in clash royale


Elixir Collector attacking pair.

  1. Elixir Collector and Golem is good pair.
  2. You can use Elixir Collector to collect more elixir and lauch a big push with Golem.