Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Heal your troops to keep them in the fight! Friendly troops are healed over time while in the target area. Doesn't affect buildings


Cost 3/10
Rare Spell

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Best attack combo for Heal clash royale


Heal step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. Put PEKKA at the back.
  2. Support with minions.
  3. Heal PEKKA with heal spell.

Is Heal good card clash royale?

Heal is good spell because its help you attack with confident. You can get a positive Elixir trade for the Poison card. Its will heal the back the poison troop. Heal card is a rare card. Its heal 176/sec and has 3 tile radius. Its kinda like a reverse poision card.

Heal clash royale tips and trick

Heal spell help heals friendly troops.

How to counter Heal in clash royale?

Always count for positive elixir trade to counter with heal.
Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 3 Elixar
Radius 3
Life Time
Target Air and Ground

Heal Statistic

Heal Level

Healing per second

1 100
2 110
3 121
4 133
5 146
6 160
7 176
8 193
9 212
10 233
11 256

Best Deck and strategy for Heal to help you push from

Best Pair for Heal in clash royale


Heal attacking pair.

  1. PEKKA and Heal is a great pair.
  2. Pekka has high HP and with help of heal spell it will increase the the HP even more.