Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Spawns one lively little Ice Spirit to freeze a group of enemies. Stay frosty.


Cost 1/10
Common Troop

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Best attack combo for Ice Spirit clash royale


Ice Spirit step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. The idea the prince attack combo is the element of surpise.
  2. Dont start your attack with prince.
  3. Always start with elixir collector.
  4. Play defend and counter push with giant and musketeer.
  5. During double elixar time and counter push put giant near the bridge.
  6. Put prince behind the giant.
  7. Put ice spirit near to the prince.
  8. When the enemy attackt the prince, ice spirit will freeze the enemy and the prince will do the damage.
  9. If you are lucky, giant and prince combo will destroy the enemy crown tower .

Is Ice Spirit good card clash royale?

Ice spirit with just 1 elixar is a very good card for offence and defend. Ice Spirit with just 1 elixir is a worth card if you know how to use it properly. It have very low hit point so you can't use it alone. It is a great support card for hog rider. You can use Ice Spirit to defend your tower by freezing the opponent card for extra damage or reduce your tower damage.

Ice Spirit clash royale tips and trick

Ice Spirit is very cheap. Always use ice spirit for a support troop for your tanker such as giant and hog rider

How to counter Ice Spirit in clash royale?

It is very easy to counter ice spirit. You can use ice spirit to counter ice spirit.
Hit Speed
Movement Very Fast
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 1 Elixar
Life Time
Target Air & Ground

Ice Spirit Statistic

Ice Spirit Level


Area Damage

1 90 50
2 99 55
3 108 60
4 119 66
5 131 73
6 144 80
7 158 88
8 173 96
9 190 106
10 209 116
11 230 128
12 252 140
13 278 154

Best Deck and strategy for Ice Spirit to help you push from Arena 7 to Arena 8

Best Pair for Ice Spirit in clash royale


Ice Spirit attacking pair.

  1. Hog Rider and ice spirit is a cheap and effective attack.
  2. You can cycle hog rider and ice spirit for maximum damage.