Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Bolts of lightning hit up to 3 enemy troops or buildings with the most hitpoints in the target area. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.


Cost 6/10
Epic Spells

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Best attack combo for Lightning clash royale


Lightning step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. Put tombstone in the middle of your arena to distract the enemy troop.
  2. Put lava hound at the back of your crown tower.
  3. Defend your crown tower if your enemy attack on different lane.
  4. The lava hound and tombstone should do some damage on enemy crown tower.
  5. When the enemy put elixir collector and some troop near weaken tower, use lightning spell to finish it off .

Is Lightning good card clash royale?

Lightning is a good card and it can kill several troop and building. You should use lightning when the enemy put his troop behind the tower. You can kill the enemy troop as well destroy the building. Lighthing is a good skill to kill multiple troop and building at the same time. You can use lightning when the opponent put the witch near the crown tower.

Lightning clash royale tips and trick

You can use Lightning to take down high HP tanker and buildings at a time. You can also use Lightning Spell is to deal with Hut Building Decks or building spammer.

How to counter Lightning in clash royale?

Lightning cost 6 elixar. If the enemy are using it in the wrong location you can push a sudden attack.
Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Count x3
Cost 6 Elixar
Radius 3.5
Life Time
Target Troops and Buildings

Lightning Statistic

Lightning Level
LevelArea DamageCrown Tower Damage

Best Deck and strategy for Lightning to help you push from Arena 5 To Arena 6

Best Pair for Lightning in clash royale


Lightning attacking pair.

  1. Lightning and Hog Rider is a great pair.
  2. You can use the lightning to destroy any building and allow hog rider to attack.
  3. Its expensive but effective pair.