Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Six fast, unarmored flying attackers. Three's a crowd, six is a horde!


Cost 5/10
Common Troop

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Best attack combo for Minion horde clash royale


Minion horde step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. The idea is to lure enemy arrow or fireball.
  2. Start with princess in the middle of your arena or at the back of your king tower.
  3. Wait if the opponent kill your princess with arrow or fireball.
  4. Put minion horde and hog rider at the same time near the bridge.
  5. Since the opponent dont have the arrow they will have a hard time to defend the hog rider and minion horde push.
  6. Tips: You can also lure arrow with goblin barrel if you dont have a princes in your deck.
  7. Sometime the enemy have poison spell or spirit spirit to stop your attack, make sure you study the enemy deck before start this move .

Is Minion horde good card clash royale?

This is the king of air attack. You can use horde minions to destroy barbarian, hog rider, prince , giant in a few second. It is very weak againt arrow and spell attack. It is the air barbarian and you can use it for your own advantage. You can also use it to attack opponent defend building to help you card to push successful to the crown tower. Minion horde is a worth card as its the king of the sky. You can kill the enemy troop behind it in a few second. It is weak againts arrow.

Minion horde clash royale tips and trick

You can use Horde minion to attack ballon , barbarian and pekka. Horde Minion is weak againts arrow and zap. You can lure the enemy to use his arrow and use mirror to attack on another lane.

How to counter Minion horde in clash royale?

The easiest to counter minion horde is by using arrow. You can also use zap to weakean the minion horde and let the crown tower finish them off.
Hit Speed 1 sec
Movement Fast
Deploy Time 1 sec
Count x6
Cost 5 Elixar
Life Time
Target Air & Ground

Minion horde Statistic

Minion horde Level

Best Deck and strategy for Minion horde to help you push from Arena 4 to Arena 6

Best Pair for Minion horde in clash royale


Minion horde attacking pair.

  1. Giant Skeletons and Minion Horde are an expensive pair.
  2. Its really works if you lure the arrow and fireball first.