Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Don't be fooled by her delicately coiffed hair, the musketeer is a mean shot with her trusty boomstick.


Cost 4/10
Rare Troop

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Best attack combo for Musketeer clash royale


Musketeer step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. The idea is to counter push with Musketeer and Giant.
  2. Always let the oppoent attack first.
  3. Defend and counter with Musketeer.
  4. Put giant near the bridge in front of Musketeer.
  5. Use zap to stun enemy troop that will try to kill your Musketeer for exra damage .

Is Musketeer good card clash royale?

Musketeer is good on target shooter with high damage. You can use it with mirror to win last minute sudden attack. It is a pretty good support for tanker along with bomber , archer and spear goblin. High level musketter is worth it as its can huge damage to a single target. You should upgrade this card for additional hit powers.

Musketeer clash royale tips and trick

You can use Musketeer to backup high HP troops such as Golem, Giant or Giant Skeleton.You can use it to to deal with the Cannon. Its long range attack can help attack the crown tower.

How to counter Musketeer in clash royale?

You can use can either use a Fireball or Lightning Spell on her and the Tower to for both damage. You can also wait until she crosses over to your side and drop cheap cards right onto her (Goblins, Knight, Barbarian)
Hit Speed 1.1sec
Movement Medium
Deploy Time 1sec
Count x1
Cost 4 Elixar
Life Time
Target Air and Ground

Musketeer Statistic

Musketeer Level
LevelHitpointsDamageDamage per second

Best Deck and strategy for Musketeer to help you push from Arena 1 to Arena 3

Best Pair for Musketeer in clash royale


Musketeer attacking pair.

  1. Musketeer and Balloon is a classic pair.
  2. Musketeer will protect ballon from air unit.