Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Covers the target area in a sticky toxin, damaging and slowing down troops and buildings. Remember: solvent abuse can kill!


Cost 4/10
Epic Spells

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Best attack combo for Poison Spell clash royale


Poison Spell step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. Giant Poision is among the annoying attack combo in clash royale.
  2. Put giant behind your crown tower.
  3. When the giant reach bridge the opponent will usually use barbarian or minion horde to counter the giant.
  4. Put the poision spell to weaken and slow down the enemy troop.
  5. Support the giant with mega minions .
  6. It is a also a good idea to support with prince or mini pekka at the back.
  7. Giant and poision spell should do maximum damage to the enemy crown tower .

Is Poison Spell good card clash royale?

Poison Spell is a good card to damage multiple troop at once. You can use it as defence and offence. Poision spell is among the deadliest card in clash royale. It is useful in offence and defence. It is a worth card as its can kill and attack several troop in its radius.

Poison Spell clash royale tips and trick

You can use Poison Spell to attack Hut decks. It will damage both troops and buildings.

How to counter Poison Spell in clash royale?

If you know that the opponent is using poision spell, try to avoid to use multiple low HP troop in one place.
Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 4 Elixar
Radius 3.5
Life Time
Target Air & Ground

Poison Spell Statistic

Poison Spell Level
LevelDamage per secondCrown Tower Damage

Best Deck and strategy for Poison Spell to help you push from Arena 6 to Legendary

Best Pair for Poison Spell in clash royale


Poison Spell attacking pair.

  1. Poison Spell and Giant is great pair.
  2. Use Giant for attack and use Poison spell to destroy the defend unit .