Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Deals high damage to a small area. Looks really awesome doing it. Reduced damage to Crown Towers


Cost 6/10
Rare Spells

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Best attack combo for Rocket clash royale


Rocket step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. The idea is to weaken the tower with hog rider and goblin cycle deck and finish it off with rocket.
  2. Start the attack with Hog rider and Goblin.
  3. Attack both tower.
  4. Study the rocket crown tower damage in the statistic below.
  5. During the last 15 seconds, drop the rocket to destroy the weaken crown tower.
  6. It is important not to attack with rocket in the early games .

Is Rocket good card clash royale?

Rocket is the best last minute attack spell. Don't use rocket in early stage as the opponent can use to launce counter attack. Hold the card to the last minute to gain final advantage. Rocket is worth it if you are a last minute attack. You should not use rocket in early games because its cost 6 elixar.

Rocket clash royale tips and trick

You can use rocket to take down any Tower or building anywhere on the screen. For maximum effect, you can use it to create damage to both of the opponent Huts and Tower at the same time.

How to counter Rocket in clash royale?

If the opponent are using the rocket in early game, launch a sudden attack because rocket cost 6 elixar and he won't be able to defend its crown tower effectively.
Hit Speed
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 6 Elixar
Radius 2
Life Time
Target Ground

Rocket Statistic

Rocket Level
LevelArena DamageCrown Tower Damage

Best Deck and strategy for Rocket to help you push from Arena 4 to Arena 5

Best Pair for Rocket in clash royale


Rocket attacking pair.

  1. Mirror and Rocket is great pair to surprise your opponent.
  2. You can mirror rocket late in the games for double damage.