Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

The most awesome man to ever set foot in the arena, the Wizard will blow you away with his handsomeness... and/or fireballs.


Cost 5/10
Rare Troop

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Best attack combo for Wizard clash royale


Wizard step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. This is a high risk attack.
  2. Always start with at least one elixir collector.
  3. Lure the opponent arrow with goblin barel or princess.
  4. Put wizard behind tower.
  5. Put Pekka near the bridge in front of wizard.
  6. When the enemy attack your wizard drop minions horde.
  7. If you are lucky and the timing is correct, you should get a free tower.

Is Wizard good card clash royale?

High level wizard is a very good card as it can be a good backup for a tanker. You must upgrade wizard at least level 5 for real advantage. Smart player will zap or fireball the wizard behind the tanker first before attacking the tanker. Wizard is a good companion for ballon, giant, giant skeleton or P.E.K.K.A Wizard is an awesome card as its high level fireball can destroy minions horde in in a second. You should use wizard behind a high HP tanker for maximum benefit.

Wizard clash royale tips and trick

You should never use wizard as alone. Wizard works best behind tanker such as giant, P.E.K.K.A, hog rider With high level wizard you can wipe down minions and goblins with ease.

How to counter Wizard in clash royale?

If you have fireball and the wizard is behind the crown tower, just fireball it for combo damage. You can take down the wizard if your fireball level is higher than the wizard. If you don't have a fireball, just wait until he cross the bridge and put the high damage troop such as prince, mini p.e.k.ka or dark prince. You can also use barbarian to stop wizard, make sure you put barbarian on top of wizard to outnumber it.
Hit Speed 1.7 sec
Movement Medium
Deploy Time 1 sec
Count x1
Cost 5 Elixar
Life Time
Target Air & Ground

Wizard Statistic

Wizard Level

Best Deck and strategy for Wizard to help you push from Arena 5 to Arena 7

Best Pair for Wizard in clash royale


Wizard attacking pair.

  1. Wizard and Giant is a good pair.
  2. Wizard will protect the Giant with its splash damage.
  3. You need to upgrade your wizard to at least level 6.