Guide for Clash Royale Tips and Trick

Nice tower you got there. Would be a shame if this X-Bow whittled it down from this side of the arena...


Cost 6/10
Epic Building

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Best attack combo for X-Bow clash royale


X-Bow step by step guide for maximum damage to enemy crown tower

  1. People no longer use x-bow deck after balance update.
  2. The best way to use x-bow is to pair it with other defend unit.
  3. Play defend, put tesla in the middle of your arena.
  4. Support tesla with cannon in front of tesla.
  5. Wait for a good opportunity and put X-Bow beside Tesla, and cannon.
  6. X-bow should help defend your tower and at the same time attack the enemy crown tower from your arena .

Is X-Bow good card clash royale?

X-Bow is a good card for long range attack. You can put it behind the defence building for solid attack and defence. It is a bit expensive and weak againt rocket and fireball. You can use zap to distract x-bow for attacking your crown center. The X-Bow is an worth defensive building as it can take down large numbers of small troops such as Goblins and Skeletons. It can also be used offensively as its can attack enemy crown tower.

X-Bow clash royale tips and trick

You can use the X-Bow to attackl with a large number of small troops such as Skeletons and Goblins. You can use it offensively as it can attack the enemy Towers over the river in game. It is weak againts Rocket, Fireball and Lightning.

How to counter X-Bow in clash royale?

You can use swarm troop such as barbarian or minion horde to counter x-bow. You can also use spell and rocket to destroy it.
Hit Speed
Movement Static
Deploy Time
Count x1
Cost 6 Elixar
Life Time
Target Ground

X-Bow Statistic

X-Bow Level

Best Deck and strategy for X-Bow to help you push from Arena 1 to Arena 6

Best Pair for X-Bow in clash royale


X-Bow attacking pair.

  1. X-Bow and Tesla is a great pair.
  2. Use Tesla to protect x-bow from ground and air unit.